Nov 30

Windows 7 does not have a email software program Please give me some options. Thank you.

Nov 29

This seems like the logical thing to do but maybe its not professional enough, is the email itself ok to be used as the cover letter or should I make it a seperate attachment like the CV?

Nov 26

I am doing a project for school…blah blah blah… i need the mailing address for the company that makes vitamin water and please list a source.

Nov 25

How do you make it so when your making a website you can put a thingy on so people can type there email and password and it sends to me?!?

Nov 25

When you make a Gmail folder can you make an email automatically go into that folder? For example on my Gmail account i made a folder called Facebook. Now whenever Facebook sends me an eMail, i want it to automatically go into that folder. Please help me because i will choose a best answer!!!!!!!

Nov 23

I sent some spam emails to someone (a small business actually) as a prank (nothing harmful) - they prolly will just think they’re spam and ignore them, but would it be possible for them to find out the name and address of the sender? Don’t they need to get permission from Google to do that? How easy is it for them to find the origin of the emails, basically, and is it easy to tell that they’re all from 1 location? Just curious about how it works - I doubt they’ll do anything.

Nov 23

How do I get on the mailing list for Victorias Secret magazine? I would love to have the monthly magazine sent to our home but at this point I’ve never ordered anything. Do I have to order something to get on their mailing list? When my big sister live at home she received it every month.

Nov 20

Hi, can you tell me which online email marketing software is best in service and price as well. My budget is low. Please suggest a good software from where free SMTP service and online sending and scheduling option will available, so that I do not need to keep on my computer.

Thanks in advance

Nov 20


I’ve been using the same type email form for like 2 years now and I think it was pretty old then, whats the best way you have found to create a contact form to collect information then send it to a email address?

Many Thanks

Nov 19

I need to know the proper settings, thanks… for yahoo and verizon email.

Nov 19

Trying to use a jpeg of company letterhead to be used as email stationary on yahoo email. Copying only attachs the file with a small thumbnail. Want the letterhead to fill the body of the email message and be able to type on top of it.

Nov 18

looking for a free forum page to use with school….whats the best? I want one that can make an email invite list for, to limit registration….